West Virginia

West Virginia was the 5th state to regulate sports betting after the groundbreaking case where the Supreme court judged the prohibition unlawful. The state has been keeping out a close eye in the months prior to the legalization. In March 2018, several months before the Supreme Court ruling, the state passed the West Virginia Sports Lottery Wagering act.

Hollywood Casino

The very first business to take advantage of the legalization in West Virginia was the Hollywood Casino. From September 1st in 2018 they offered sports betting, with more casinos in the state to follow. Online sports betting is a little more complicated, but West Virginia is one of the states where it’s allowed to bet online. That’s the tricky part of post-legalization when everything still has to crystallize. One of the things that aren’t entirely sure yet is what place online sports betting will have. In other areas in the world, take the UK for example, it’s in particular online sports betting on apps and sites that are a big deal. It’s the kind of thing people want to speculate about from the comfort of their sofa. Not while standing in a casino.

Online betting

To continue the previous, it really has to be seen how the US will offer a place for online betting. Several businesses have been launched, also in West Virginia, but for some reason, they disappeared only after several months. We’re now anticipating daily fantasy sports sites such as FanDuel and DraftKings to make a transition to sports betting. The FanDuel sportsbook has in fact just launched. It shows on the website that as of now, you can bet legally online on the app from Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Other states will follow soon, undoubtedly.

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