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The importance of mock drafts in fantasy sports can never be overestimated. That’s why this article is dedicated to sharing all the fine details about it. It’s basically is a way to practice for the real draft in fantasy sports. You use it to prepare your picks, refine your strategy and catch weaknesses. Some people think mock drafts are for beginners only, but that is definitely not true.


Fantasy sports move quick and especially for example with sports like fantasy football, the news is updated daily. For example about injuries, who plays, who doesn’t, who made the cut and who’s out. These developments affect your draft and your picks. That’s how a mock draft is a way to refine and re-consider your choices for the draft. Some people prefer the old skool mock draft on a piece of paper, while others like the systems offered on sports and fantasy sites alike.

Mock draft simulator

An online mock draft basically lets you walk through the same process that you would if the draft were real. You can also select what type of draft you want to participate in. For example, a snake draft or one where you have a set position. Some drafts have a ‘lottery’ where each participant gets their set position for all the drafting rounds. If you’re lucky, you get one of the first positions. If you’re not so lucky, you’re in the last position.

Type of draft

Some people prefer this type of draft over the snake draft, where you rotate positions. That’s for the simple fact that they know what to expect. Make sure you understand the difference between types of drafts and the draft type of the contest you want to participate in. If you don’t know that that takes away from the effectiveness and purpose of doing the mock draft.

Learning from a mock draft

What a mock draft shows you are which players you have to pick when. We might think we should blindly pick our favorites in the first rounds, but for some sports, it’s smarter to first consider a position. The way fantasy points are accumulated is of huge importance to incorporate in the draft. You’ll pick your players differently if you have a thorough understanding of which player is most beneficial for your team. In fantasy sports terms, that means which players are likely to score the most fantasy points.

Draft quota

Some sports have a quota of a particular type of players. For example, sometimes you’re allowed of no more than 3 players of the same team. Or no more than 3 for a particular position. The mock draft basically lets you practice and incorporate those different elements. So when the real draft begins, you have already refined your strategy and you won’t stand for any surprises.

The new mock drafts

The more popular fantasy sports have become, the more refined the mock draft systems are. Many sports sites now provide full-fledged mock draft simulators that are no different from the real draft. Before you start, you can select what type of draft you want it to be, which sport, what type of contest and other specifics. That way you ensure that your mock draft simulation perfectly resembles the contest you have in mind to play for real. An excellent way to prepare yourself for the real deal!