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Every fantasy sports fanatic agrees that the draft is one of the most crucial moments during the game. Unlike popular belief, not every sport requires the same strategy for the draft. Below we share draft tips on how to make the most of your fantasy baseball draft.

1. Play it safe

Part 1 of the draft tips, generic but important. In the first few rounds, play it safe and go for the names that have proven themselves in the past to be solid players. Choose players without a history of injuries and with a decent score in the baseball stats. It’s true that it might be a little boring go with safe bets, but if you think of it in the long-term you likely make more money. That is definitely the case when you play season-long football. During the first 5 rounds, pick safe bets. Keep your risks for later. 

2. Sleepers

Never underestimate the importance of ‘sleepers’  in your team. Might not be the most popular term and some people will passionately deny using them, however, they’re a necessity. The good thing about sleepers (and picking the right ones), is that they can make you a good profit when they outperform their expectancy.

3. Paper is king

There are many easy ways online to keep track of a draft, a piece of paper is key. Although draft sites show accurately who has been drafted, you don’t have a good overview of available picks for each position. Which is where your piece of paper comes in. It’s also handy to keep track of your own favorites per position, ranked by first, second, third and so forth.

4. Focus on the top pitchers

During the first couple of rounds, make sure you snatch a couple of start pitchers. The best of the best pitchers versus the level that comes next makes up for a big difference in innings. Somewhere mid-season you’ll always be in for some surprise, someone performing worse or much better, but overall I’d say you can fairly accurately predict who are the top pitchers to pick for your draft.

5. Rosters

Tracking rosters of other players in your league aren’t always possible, but when it is, looking at them can be helpful to decide on your next move. Keeping an eye out on which positions they potentially still need to fill can help you decide what is your best next pick. Especially look at those players who get their pick in the draft close to you.