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Winning at fantasy sports is not just about the draft, strategy, and skill. It starts before that. Before you even consider to start playing, you have to learn the fine art of finding value fantasy contests. What is that, you wonder? It’s the kind of contest that you statistically have more chance to win. In the below, you can read more about how that works.


The most important way to maximize your chance of winning is to learn how to spot overlays. There are different types of contests to find, so-called cash games and GPP games. GPP stands for Guaranteed Prize Pool. What this means is that regardless of many participants the contests will have, a set prize will be given out. The so-called overlay happens when a GPP contest has fewer participants than expected.


If a contest doesn’t have the number of participants as expected, your odds as a player increase significantly. When you are browsing on a fantasy site for a value contest to join, you can easily spot the ins and outs of that contest. For example, how many participants it has, when it starts, the total prize money and so on. When you can increase your odds before you have even started playing, you definitely are a few steps ahead.

Let’s illustrate this with an example

Let’s say that FanDuel posted a contest that gives the top 20% of the participants a payout. Now we assume that the entry size for this content is 500 participants. If the game starts in a few hours and you notice there only being 300 participants, then you have found your edge. Joining this contest last minute is a smart move. Ending up in the top 20% of this contest just became a whole lot easier! You get to improve your odds without even doing a thing, except for paying attention.

Smaller sites

Sites like FanDuel and DraftKings have become huge, so it’s not so easy anymore to find value contests here in terms of an overlay. However, with the popularity of fantasy sports still being on the rise, you’ll find plenty of smaller fantasy sites where you can possibly find a better value.  Tip: be on the lookout especially in the weekends when there are many overlapping matches of NFL, MLB and NBA alike.