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Californian Hagrid

Brent Burns lived up close the Second World War, through his grandfather who was part of the Canadian artillery. It sparked a great interest that he enjoyed reading about it in his dad´s garage. His other favorite subjects? hockey and fauna.  Luckily life allowed him to stay close to nature. In school, he was asked often, what are you going to become?.  “An army man or a hockey player” replied.

Growing up

Brent Burns moved to Saint Paul in Minnesota at 18 years old. He had a zoo in his own house, an aviary, a big fish tank and a collection of 300 snakes. That made him the main attraction for the children of his coworkers. Zeus and Maia (Huskies)  his loyal partners to date. Eragon (green macaw),  Hedwig (grey parrot) are part of his family with whom he has long conversations with Dr. Dolittle style.

The looks

His physical appearance is not that relevant. His long beard and the absence of his front teeth is his trademark. As well as his suits. He has been interrogated several times about his teeth. He says that the prosthesis is quite uncomfortable.  Gifted with great athletic skills. A defender with a striker mentality.  He was part of a great run by the San Jose Sharks to get them to his first Stanley Cup Finals in 2016.  Winner of the Norris Trophy in 2016-2017. 


His little mutants (Peyton and Jagger) are the fountain of everlasting joy.  Fancy’s road trips across American territory in his 45 feet trailer park. With Susan (wife) enjoys laid back trips to Napa Valley to savor good wine.  His passion for the military allowed him to hang out and support them. An avid reader, Harry Potter, and Greek mythology fan. He resembles a lot like Hagrid. Lance Armstrong admirer, loves bike rides. Was beaten by a jaguar in a zoo, trying to hug him. Gave a postgame interview while having a pizza!!!! Likes to camp in his own back yard with his kid, while a knight in armor looks after them from his house. (has a full-grown knight in coats of arms in the entrance of his home). We’re talking about William Brent “Bernie” Burns.