On pick6.com we welcome you into a world of fantasy sports and sports betting. This site provides you with information about leagues, how to find the best contests, reviews of fantasy sports and much more.

What are fantasy sports

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When playing fantasy sports, you assemble a team based on real players that compete in a league. You can choose to participate in a season-long NFL league or take part in one of the daily fantasy contests. There is a large variety of sports to choose from, the obvious popular NFL and NBA, but there is also boxing, hockey, tennis, and golf to take part in. Before you start playing, you have to deposit money into your account to participate in a league. Prices vary, but on average you can buy into a contest for a few dollars. Of course, there are also more high-stakes leagues, where a place can cost you anywhere between $10 or $100.


As a team’s manager, you purchase players for your team with a set budget. The process of assembling a team requires some strategy. That’s because the budget is limited and you need the anticipate the possibility that you don’t have your first choice of player. Fantasy sports are fun to play, but they are a game of skill above all. It’s fine to want to play for fun, but if you look to take it more serious and make money, you need some skills! On this site, you’ll find a great number of articles to show you the way.

How it works

Fantasy sports is legal, so you have nothing to worry about. There is an exemption for fantasy sports in the Unlawful Internet Gambling enforcement act of 2006 because fantasy sports is considered a game of skill. As of 2008, the Supreme court has decided to legalize sports betting as well. But for now, because we’re still waiting for individual states to create laws, it’s in a vacuum of both legal and illegal.

Create an account

There are two top sites when it comes to playing fantasy sports, FanDuel and DraftKings. Together they make up for almost 95% of the market. Sites have pretty similar conditions and sports on offer. DraftKings offers Tennis, FanDuel not yet. Unlike online casinos, fantasy sports sites aren’t so generous with welcome bonuses and promotions.

Loyalty program

However, both FanDuel and DraftKings do have a loyalty program. For example, if you have deposited beyond an x amount into your account, you receive a bonus on top of that. Conditions sometimes change, for up to date information check out their site. When you create an account, you have to provide basic information like name and address. Additionally, you’ll be asked to provide a deposit method and how you want to receive your funds.

Playing fantasy sports

If you’re just starting out, you need some time to learn how each sport works. Be smart and pick a sport that you know most about, especially when you just start out. Good preparation is half the work. In fantasy sports, the draft is of huge importance. Make sure that you are informed and prepared before you enter a contest. Luckily there are plenty of contests that have a small entry fee of $1 or $2 so you can afford to make a few mistakes here. The key is to start practicing. Making mock drafts is an excellent method to come prepared and increase your chances of winning.

League conditions

FanDuel and DraftKings offer a large variety of different contest to take part in. Not only will you find a lot of different sports. From football to basketball, hockey and baseball, you will also find a variety of different contests. The difference is that each comes with a different entry fee. Some have them have a fixed prize, which means that regardless of how many participants the contest has, they will pay out a fixed prize.

Finding value

This is where the smart players hunt around to find value. After all, if you find a contest that doesn’t have ‘enough’ players yet but does have a guaranteed prize, you definitely have an advantage there. Fantasy sites usually highlight their most high profile matches. Although they are tempting, they usually aren’t the place where you can get the most money for your worth in fantasy sports.

Fantasy statistics

A huge part of any fantasy contest preparation is in reading statistics. Each fantasy site but also sports channels like ESPN or Yahoo provide excellent information. It takes some shopping around to find a style of statistics that work best for you. Past performance, the number of goals, how prone to injury, but also things like leave weeks or risks. Additionally, there are general conditions to take into account, like the weather or whether the team is playing out or home. The trick of using statistics to the fullest is understanding which ones are relevant and which to leave aside.

Mock drafts

Making mock drafts is an important part of any fantasy team sport, like the NFL or NBA. Especially considering the sheer number of players to choose from, having a mock draft helps to filter out your top choices for each position. Mock drafts for fantasy sports like golf or tennis are different, as you don’t need to incorporate a strategy for different players at different positions. Mock drafts give a good idea which players you can purchase and what your top choices would be.

Sports betting

On this site, you’ll also find a fair share of information about sports betting. We’re currently in a very interesting period of transition where soon enough sports betting will be legalized in every US state. As of now, sports betting is legal in Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Mississippi, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. Soon enough though you’ll be able to place sports bets online in all states. We share articles on how sports betting works, which sites offer the best bonuses and how to find the best offers.

Fantasy sports providers

Right now the biggest players in the fantasy sports business (owning a 95% market share) are FanDuel and DraftKings. However, there are a couple more. You can read on this site information about fantasy sites, comparisons, current promotions, updates in regards to new fantasy sports being offered and everything else you want to know. There are a couple of online casinos and sportsbooks will soon start offering fantasy sports as well, which could be interesting for you, the player, because DraftKings and FanDuel will get more competition. Which most likely results in better offers, promotions and welcome offers for you. We’ll be the first to share that information here!