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If you play fantasy sports, you guaranteed know about DraftKings. Whether you’re new to fantasy sports or simply want to know more, this is the right place. Below is an extensive review of the DraftKings site. You’ll find information about signing up, depositing funds and cashing your wins. Furthermore, we’ll discuss the types of leagues and contests DraftKings offers. Good to know: there is something for every budget. Whether that’s $1, $20 or $100.

Draftkings company

The site was launched in 2012, which is a relatively short time considering how big they are. What was life before fantasy sports? We don’t know either! DraftKings has managed to dominate the market in just a few short years. It has quickly become a favorite for fantasy football, basketball, baseball, and more sports. The site has a traditional appeal that is popular amongst players. It’s an accessible site for those who want to join a season-long football league with friends. But it’s also a good match if you’re more into daily fantasy sports (DFS).

The law

If you’re younger than 18, you can’t play fantasy sports. There are also several states that have forbidden fantasy sports. If you’re a resident of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana or Washington you can’t legally play for now. Each fantasy site also has its own set of specific rules, so have a thorough read of the terms of use. DraftKings uses clear language, so it’s easy to understand for everyone.


All-time favorite fantasy sport is football, but DraftKings also offers many other sports markets. For example basketball (NBA), baseball (MLB), golf (PGA), hockey (NHL) but also boxing, soccer, volleyball, and many other sports. If you’re looking to get into daily fantasy sports, selecting different sports to take part in is strategically smart. It takes time to become good at fantasy sports, so while you do that, it’s best to ‘bet’ on several sports.


Although sports require a different set of skills, there’s one thing that fantasy sports skills have in common. That’s understanding and applying statistical information. If you ask us, it’s completely correct that fantasy sports are indeed not a game of luck but one of skill. It takes precision, wit, skill, and intelligence to perform well and win in a fantasy sport. If you are to compare it with anything, it could be a little like stock trading. Yes, some luck is involved. But for the most part, it’s skill and understanding.

Type of contests

DraftKings offers many types of contests. League size, entry fee money, level of experience and so on. Below we’ll describe a couple of different contests DraftKings offer. Depending on your skill, budget and experience level you can get a good idea of which would be best suitable for you.

Free Contests

If you’ve never played fantasy sports before, it’s key that you build up some experience without putting your money at risk. A great way to do that is to join a free contest. This way you learn about the process, skills for the draft and things that require extra attention. DraftKings offers free contests for different sports, so have a browse on the website to learn more.

Featured contest

When you land on the DraftKings homepage, you usually find highlighted the most important contests. Most of these contests have Guaranteed prize payouts (GPPs), which makes it easy to understand the popularity of these contests. However, if you look to take daily fantasy sports to the next level, don’t put your eggs in one basket. Featured contests are popular with many people taking part in it. That means that YOUR chances of winning automatically decrease. In the fantasy sports world, there are quite a lot of experts. Research has shown that it’s roughly 1.5% of the people that keeps winning the highest prizes on DraftKings. The point being is two-fold. 1) are you that good? 2) a highly marketed contest is most likely to attract the top fantasy players.

Beginner contest

This is a nice one if you’re just starting out to play daily fantasy sports. DraftKings offers a selection of contests that are only available for beginning players. That means that that certain contests can only be joined by players who have played less than 50 contest in a particular sport.

Tournaments & Leagues

There are tournaments and leagues in many sizes, small and large. These tournaments are transparent in the sense that they always disclose how many players take part in it, what the prize money is and of course the rules. The nice thing is that you always get to choose what best suits your skillset so you can maximize your chance of winning.

More Contests

There are quite a couple of more contests. For example the head to head, where you only play against one other person. Of which 1 takes home the prize. Or you have a type of contest where only the top half or top 10 takes home a prize. Then there also is the so-called double-ups, multipliers, and satellites. Some fantasy sites use different words for contests, so always make sure to read the rules.

Site usability

Fantasy sports by nature are well-suited to play while you’re on the go. DraftKings offers a good number of options to do so. First and foremost, you can play it on your laptop. The desktop version of DraftKings is probably my favorite. It will be yours too if you appreciate having a good overview. But of course, Draftkings also works well on your mobile. The site is optimized for mobile devices, both Android or Apple. Simply hit your browser, type in the address and you will land on the mobile-optimized DraftKings site.

The app

Very convenient is the DraftKings app. It’s well made, has a good interface and doesn’t leave you with any confusion. Do you know the kind of app where they have too much information crammed on one little screen? Not the case for DraftKings. Buttons, options, and contests are all well laid out. You can download the app in the Apple or Google play store for free.

Customer service

A good support team is important for the site that you play fantasy sports. If you have a question, need an issue quickly resolved or have trouble withdrawing or depositing funds, you need to have quick access to customer support.


DraftKings has a solid email customer service, available all week but not from 12:00 am to 6:00 am. Additionally, there is a FAQ page explaining common issues or you can reach out and live chat (during support hours). You can’t reach DraftKings by phone, which is a little bit of a minus. However, I have to admit that DraftKings handles their support through email very well. No standard copy-paste replies to your emails. Can we get an amen for that?


The reviews online don’t lie. Fantasy sports players are a vocal bunch and any point of criticism can be found with a quick google search. DraftKings states their contest entry fees clearly and communicates beforehand the prize money. The withdrawal time is quick, varying per method but we haven’t had any issues nor did we have people reach out.


DraftKings doesn’t have a gaming license, because they don’t have to. That’s because it’s stated in the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement act of 2006 that fantasy sports aren’t considered gambling. Having that said, DraftKings has applied for a license to offer sports betting in New Jersey. With US states slowly but steadily establishing legislation regarding sports betting, there is a lot of change on the horizon. In the near future, you’ll likely be able to place sports bets and play fantasy sports alike.


After signing up for a DraftKings account you deposit money in your account. Draftkings has a wonderfully low minimum requirement of $5. The maximum is $2000 to deposit. The options to put funds in your account are rather limited, but the process is solid and safe. You can deposit with a credit card or PayPal. That looks like this:


DraftKings lets you withdraw your prize money in two ways, PayPal and Check. Let’s say you win $5.000 and you want to transfer that amount to your Paypal account. You’ll have to verify your identity on PayPal (if you haven’t already) and then it can take a few days to actually receive the money. The other option is to receive your winnings through a check, that can take a little longer, 1-2 weeks.


Sportsbooks and online casinos have been doing this for a long time: offering new players a welcome bonus. Fantasy sports sites are a little more hesitant when it comes to giving players a % match on top of their first deposit. In the past, DraftKings has had some interesting offers for new players, but this changes. So to know what bonus offer they currently offer new members? Check out the site.


DraftKings regularly offers promotions, for example, an extra percentage of money if you participate in a certain league, sport or contest. This depends on the season and what they are trying to promote. Keep an eye out on the website or sign up for their email to stay up to date with offers. Then if you see something that catches your interest, you can jump on it!