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PGA Golf

Golf is a club-and-ball game played on an open-air course. The purpose is to hit the small holes in as few strokes as possible. Depending on the size of the golf course, it either has 9 or 18 holes. What makes golf so different than other sports is that no course is the same. That’s what makes the game so refreshing because you never know what to expect. The most important golf tournament is the PGA golf tour, which stands for Professional Golf Association.

Golf Tournaments To Bet On

The most important golf tournaments to bet on are the PGA Tour and the European Tour. The PGA tour mostly takes place in various US states, while the European Tour is played across Europe, Asia and South Africa. Both are prestigious tournaments hosting the best golf players like Tiger Woods, Rory Mcllroy and Phil Mickelson. The PGA is known for its outrageous prize money and is considered a favorite event for sports bettors around the world.

Golf and other sports bets

Worldwide, soccer attracts the largest number of sports bet per year. In the United States, the most popular sport to bet on is football. PGA Golf hasn’t traditionally been engaging the mainstream public, but that might change soon. That’s because golf has a lot of potential in terms of betting. The fact that you have 78 individual contestants playing offers a lot of betting opportunities and outcomes.

Sports betting in the US

Now that sports betting has become legal in the United States, it will change the landscape of golf betting. It won’t only become more popular, it will also create more potential. That’s because golf is not yet a mainstream sport that everyone wants to bet on. Therefore, it will be relatively easy to find value bets compared to betting on the NFL or NBA.

Betting on golf

You could say that golf is partly skill and partly luck because of the unpredictable bounce. It has happened too often that a golfer hits the ‘perfect’ shot, which due to the terrain (it’s not smooth like a tennis court), ends up exactly in the wrong spot or hits the flagstick. The unpredictable factor in golf is what makes it both interesting as tricky to bet on. However, the bounces can turn out in your favor too. I guess that’s the beautiful part of it, it can turn out either way.


The most straightforward type of bet in golf is to betting on the winner of the tournament. Usually, there are two favorites. If you want to bet on either of those, your odds will be lower than if you were to bet on an underdog. To give an example, for the Master’s tournament this year Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth are favorites. A $10 bet on either of these players can result in a $100 prize. If you were to bet $10 on a player who isn’t a favorite, your odds are much higher if you win. You could, for example, turn a $10 bet into a payout of $750. Sportsbooks will tell you the exact odds, but this is a good indication of how it works.


Betting on the first-round leader is an interesting alternative for betting on the tournament winner. It’s a simple bet where you wager on who you believe will be the first-round winner. The way this type of bet works is similar as explained above. If you bet on a favorite, odds are lower. If you bet on an underdog and they turn out to be the first-round leader, you can win some nice money.