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We play fantasy sports for fun and the love of the sport. But there is no denying that the money is also an important part! Fantasy sites offer many different contests, each with its own conditions. When you click on a contest, it will show you the entry fee, the number of participants and the money prizes. There are a few important things to know about money prizes when playing fantasy sports. Below we’ll go into detail.


GPP stands for Guaranteed Prize Pools and is the most popular type of fantasy contest. It means that there is a guaranteed prize that will be given out, regardless of how many participants enter the contest. This way you stand for no surprises and know exactly what you can win when you participate. In particular, during NFL seasons fantasy sites like FanDuel and DraftKings have many contests, sometimes with prize money over a million dollars. Do pay attention to how many prizes they give out in total. Is there just one winner who takes home all, or is there a top 5 or 10 that will get prize money?

Spot the overlays

When contests have a guaranteed prize, sometimes it doesn’t have enough participants to equal the prize money. These are called overlays and as a fantasy sports player, you should learn how to spot them. The reason you should be alert for overlays is that essentially you are given a significantly bigger chance to win than would normally be the case. So it’s worth the effort to shop around to see which fantasy sites have overlays. When the number of participants equal or excess the guaranteed prize there is no overlay.

Difference between GPP and cash game

A GPP game has a significantly different structure than a cash game. Even though a GPP is attractive because of its guaranteed prize, a much smaller percentage of participants actually wins a prize. Secondly, the prizes are scaled. Which means that if you win 1st prize, you win big, but second, third and so on: not so much. In a cash game, on the other hand, everyone wins the same amount. There is something to say for both, but one thing to keep in mind is that you should adapt your strategy to the payout structure of the game.


When it comes to GPP games, you know beforehand that you will need to land in approximately the top 20% to win any money. Therefore you can’t play it safe, a more risky line-up is needed. I wouldn’t say it’s a hit or miss, but something that is out of the safe line-up. Because you know that other people have that line up too, so that means you can’t win. So the answer for thriving at GPP games is to take calculated risks and make choices that are out of the safe zone. It’s to choose players and line-up that are a little out of the normal.