If you have some experience in playing fantasy sports, you know how important the draft is. During the draft is decided which players you will have on your team. The essence of fantasy sports is to collect points based on the player’s performance during real-life matches. Therefore, the players you manage to get on your team are of crucial importance.

Draft process

On this section of the site, we provide articles explaining the draft process for different sports. There are a few different types of drafts, for example, the snake or auction draft. But aside from the general draft differences, each sport also has its own specific characteristics.   

Draft guide per sport

In the draft guide dedicated to a sport, we’ll explain the rules and specifics. Additionally, you’ll find guidance to create a solid strategy and we talk about the importance of making mock-drafts. You have to know that there is not just a one size fits all strategy to apply when you play fantasy sports. Instead, we provide a more realistic type of guidance where we explain the different aspects required for a good strategy. This is by no way a promise that by following a set of ready-made rules that you will succeed. Instead, it’s a number of steps and particular that will help you understand what makes a good draft. This in its turn optimizes your chances of doing well.

Sports fan expertise

Of course, we play fantasy sports partly for the fun, but wouldn’t we be lying if we are also attracted by the prizes? Which makes complete sense. The truth is, the more expert knowledge you have about a sport, the better your chance to win. A real sports fan doesn’t mind to spend extra time studying stats and reading expert opinions on players. Leverage the knowledge you have in combination with new information and you can do very well.

To read the draft guides on each sport, simply head to the dropdown bar above and click on the sport of your interest to read more.

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