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American football is one of the most dynamic, fast-paced sports to watch. The first-ever game of football was played in 1869 between 2 college teams and the rest is history. Football sports betting in the US is still a very recent thing, as legalization has just happened in 2018. And not yet in all states. Worldwide it’s one of the most popular sports to bet on, simply because there is so much action to speculate about. Football has a strong element of gaining territory aside from scoring points. A popular sports bet, for example, is: who will score the next touchdown? Or, who is next to go down?

Football leagues

The most important football sports betting leagues are the NFL and the NCAA. However, worldwide there are multiple football leagues. For example the AFL and the CFL. There is no doubt that football is the most popular in the United States, hence its name ‘American football’. The NCAA is the college league, which teams play on Saturday. The NFL plays on Sunday, which means that the die-hard football fan will be on his couch for the entire weekend watching the games.


Professional football and college football both have many different divisions and teams. So if we may speak about betting for a moment, the possibilities for bets on football matches are virtually endless. Each football team has around 45 or 50 players. That’s a lot. Although there are only 11 players on the field at a team, you need so many players because of the frequent substitutes. Each position is very specific and the game is rough and fast, which requires an input of fresh players constantly. Teams come in 3 different units: offense, defense, and so-called special teams.

Super Bowl

The professional championship marks the end of football season and also one of the countries most anticipated events: the Super Bowl. The teams which made it here compete at a ‘neutral’ stadium. With the Super Bowl being THE event of the year, it also the time that sports bets spike to a record. However, it’s important to know that with such high profile events there generally is less value to find in terms of betting. That’s because even if you bet correctly, you’ll be sharing your prize money with a lot of people. Sportsbooks offer Super Bowl bets on pretty much anything. From the result of the coin toss to the outcome of the first half, which player will score first and so on.

Betting on football

The most important thing betting on football is to know your players and the sport itself. That also explains why you shouldn’t always bet on your personal favorite: they aren’t always the one who wins. A smart football better never loses himself into his fan-hood but assesses stats, facts, and his personal expertise. When you’ve got that clear, the next step is to pick out a sportsbook with the most favorable odds. Last but not least, looking into what types of bets offer the best value is also an important aspect if you’re in it for the WIN.