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Tennis is without a doubt one of the most popular sports in the world. The action can’t be compared to team sports like football or basketball, but tennis has its own charm for the ones who love it. Throughout the year there are several high-profile tennis tournaments that are great to watch. For example Wimbledon, the US Open and the French one which is called Roland Garros.

Betting on Tennis

Tennis is a relatively easy sport to bet on. That’s for the obvious reason that you’re watching 2 players competing instead of a team with many players. It gives a good overview. However, tennis games also generally are more predictable than other sports. In fact, in most cases the favorite wins. Nadal, Federer and of course the Williams sisters beat their opponents most of the time. However, for many team sports, the outcome of matches simply is not so predictable.

Tennis tournaments

Throughout the year, except for December, they’re always matches to bet on. That’s because aside from the 4 grand slams there are another 70 tournaments on the ATP calendar. So, that makes tennis a very favorable sport to bet on!


Wimbledon is one of the most famous tennis tournaments. It’s a grand slam tournament played on grass with players from the world that participate. The ‘favorites’ usually win, which means that sportsbooks keep their odds relatively low. That’s because it’s fairly easy to predict who wins. If you want to make sure to get back your bet’s investment, your safest choice is to place your money on the winner with the lowest odds.

Roland Garros

Unlike Wimbledon, the Roland Garros tournament is played on a surface of clay instead of grass hosting a total of 128 players. A clay court slows down the ball but in turn, will produce a big bounce compared to grass. Not all players can take advantage of this, it depends on their individual skillset. A player like Nadal, for example, works better on a slow surface like and thus has a great chance of winning the Roland Garros tournament.

Australian open

The first held grand slam tournament of the year is the Australian Open, which takes place in Melbourne the last fortnight of January. It hosts men’s and women’s singles, mixed doubles, junior’s championships, and some more categories. In 2018 it had a record amount of almost 750,000 people attending, much more than Wimbledon or the US open.

US open

The last of the 4 yearly grand slam tournaments take place in New York on a hard court. The tournament takes 2 weeks and hosts about 100 players. In 2018 Novak Djokovic was the favorite, which prediction was correct because he indeed won the title, which was his 14th. This illustrates why the betting odds in tennis usually aren’t so high. Because most of the time we can correctly predict the outcome.

Live betting on tennis

Tennis is a sport that well-suited for live-betting. It’s a fast game and players score points constantly. Depending on how the game proceeds, you’ll find that the odds of tennis live bets keep changing. If you want to live bet on tennis matches, you can stream live on a sportsbook like Unibet or simply watch on your TV.

Mobile betting on tennis

You can bet on tennis prior to or during the game from your smartphone. Unibet has an app that allows you to quickly check the latest stats. It’s ideal if you’re placing several bets at the same time or you simply want to stay up to date at all times.