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Gentle Giant

“I was asked, and I loved it, you know, to help. But I cannot say I am proud of it. Because my part is not that big that everyone makes it”, Holger Geschwinder (guru and mentor) manifested about Dirk Nowitzki. He was raised thinking basketball was a woman sport. Joerg his dad thought “ he could become the next Boris Becker” due to his killer serve and tennis skills. Röntgen gym, where Holger started to polish his game. While playing in extreme temperatures throughout the year. No out of bounce and barely a three-point line?!

A little history

San Antonio in 1998, The Nike Summit, where he blew everyone away with his talent. The Mavericks came in the horizon and took him. Donnie Nelson (Mavs GM) paid him a visit in Würzburg just to make sure he got the right guy. He asked him to do 3 point shootings. “He did 3 with his right hand and 9 straight with his left. Ok, that’s our guy we can take him”. His good friend Nash and Finley helped him accustom to a new life in America. “Sure was basically his only word” Nash commented many times.  “He called home often ” Silke (sister) used to say.

Signature mark

Later on, Dirk Nowitzki developed his signature mark. The killer one-legged fadeaway jump shot. “To be a 7 footer he plays like a guard “ Bobby Jackson said (best description possible). “On the court, he was a little bit nastier, more I’m going to cut your head off” Nick Van Exel pointed out. “Looking for freedom” (a David Hasselhoff tune) his soothing weapon for his shot taking. 2006 was the turning point of his amazing journey. With the huge blow of losing (the finals) and his good friend (Nash) leaving the franchise.


He recovered amazingly, with an out of this world performance during the 2011 playoff season; with the title as his prize. He continued for a mesmerizing 21 seasons being a maverick. A record in the ever-challenging NBA. Never falling to temptations as big as paring up with the “Black Mamba” Kobe Bryant. Ending up on the 6th place of most points in the history of the game, passing “Mr. Record” Wilt Chamberlain.

Special skills

“The confidence level is high, but the tone is trash”  Dennis Smith Jr. regarding his singing skills. Since he always sings or raps before an important match. Goofing around and being a prankster is part of his everyday living. Malaika, Max, and Morris bring joy to his life and Jessica; the balance. The Children Medical Center in Dallas: the place where he brings joy and hopes to kids with his regular visits away from the camera.  “Uncle Dirk a big giant made me happy, made my parents happy. A wonderful guy and a wonderful hero” A patient said once in an interview.

NBA’s finest

“With the utmost confidence that we will never, ever see a guy in the NBA quite like him. In terms of humility, loyalty and all out of level greatness” Rick Carlisle former Dirk Nowitzki’s coach.