pick6.com is the place to place your bets on the NFL, NBA, and many more sports. If sports are a big part of your life, you might as well earn a buck from it! Online sports betting is no longer the shady practice people used to see it. In August 2018, the Supreme Court opened the way for states to start regulating sports betting.  This decision has been welcomed with great enthusiasm amongst sports betting fanatics and casinos.


The term Pick6 is the holy grail in football. It’s when defense intercepts the ball to return it for a touchdown. This move is worth 6 points, the ultimate goal. In the spirit of ‘never tell me the odds’, at pick6 we share the best sites to place sports bets, along with valuable information for the best odds. Pick6 is a reminder that in fact, when everything looks down, all is possible. 

Your predictions are worth $

Anyone who loves sports will enjoy speculating about the outcome of matches with friends. What’s more exciting (and rewarding) is placing sports bets online. You can easily leverage your knowledge and predictions about the outcome of a match by placing a bet online. If you do it right and you have a bit of luck, this can result in some nice cash prizes. It’s now legal to place bets on various online sports betting sites in the US. There is nothing easier than taking place behind your laptop and place the bet. Many online betting sites also offer valuable information and statistics on the matches and players. 

Football betting

Football betting is by far the most popular sport to bet on in the US. To give you an idea, the Super Bowl generates $100 million in bets at sportsbooks in Vegas. That’s just for one match. Can you imagine the scope of football betting in its entirety? It’s massive. That’s relevant for you as a player, because the more money is in it, the more you can win. Although football is most popular amongst Americans, people from all over the world seem to take an interest to bet on the sport. Many sites now offer sports betting on football, but it’s important to do your research and play only at sites with a solid reputation. On pick6 you’ll find great information and advice on this topic. We don’t only recommend reputable sites, but will also provide you with the information on the sites that give out the best bonuses and rewards. This can be a welcome bonus which you can use to place one or several free bets.

How does online betting work?

You might think that betting on an online sportsbook is different from placing a bet in a casino. But that’s not the case. Essentially, placing a sports bet online is the same. Online or in real life, in both cases you decide how much you want to bet and on what game. The next step is depositing the money and that’s that. The only big difference between the two is that for betting online you don’t need to leave home. Betting from mobile devices also has become better and better. Nowadays many online sports betting sites work just as good on mobile as on your laptop.

Online sports betting

It’s easy to understand why online sports betting is so popular. It’s much more convenient than other betting methods. The only thing you need to do is open an account at a site of your choice. Once you’ve set up your account and deposited money, you can start picking out your matches, stakes and start placing the bets. One very significant advantage of betting online is that many sites offer generous bonuses to new players, which you don’t get in real life placing a wager. Additionally, there are many rewards. These little extra’s don’t only save you money, they also increase your chance of winning. 

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