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Fantasy golf is one of the newest type of fantasy sports and therefore, there isn’t a wealth of information yet like most other fantasy sports. It also has quite a different nature than other sports, so when it comes to the draft and the strategy it’s something new to be learned. In this PGA draft guide, we provide tips and strategies for you to make the most of it. 

Fantasy sites

It first has to be said that different fantasy sites have different rules. Although fantasy sites FanDuel and DraftKings have pretty similar point systems and rules, it’s key to read into the particular rules before you dive into the draft.  Most sites have some sort of a salary cap, which means that you get a virtual budget to purchase players for your team. Let’s say you get $50.000 salary, which seems like a lot but it’s not. Fantasy sites have the golf players ranked in price, so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get all the star players for your team.


Most appealing to take part in fantasy golf games is during one of the high profile golf events, for example, the PGA. The tricky part about drafting players for your team is that during those events by Friday half of the players will be out of the running. That gives fantasy golf very much a hit or miss structure. Which some find exciting and others find annoying. Either how, if you choose to take part in it you have to take that into consideration when you draft players for your team.


Because of fantasy golf’s fast-paced nature, you need to be extra critical who you pick on your team. That’s why as part of our PGA draft guide, we discuss player’s qualities. While with any other fantasy sport it’s important to make sure you have to most accurate and up to date sources, that’s, even more, the case when it comes to fantasy golf. It’s so crucial because a good 50% of all the players that start out in the PGA will be gone by Friday. In the weekend the high profile matches take place, with only the best players who stay. So when you collect sources to make up your mind for the draft, find several and compare. Look at which players performed great most recently. Keep an eye out for possible weaknesses. Basically, you should only pick those players which you believe will be solid enough to make it to the end.

Point system

Fantasy golf is not like real golf in the sense that the only thing that matters is the points you score. Accumulating points in fantasy golf is a more refined matter. It isn’t just stroke total that counts, it’s about the type of hole, bonus points when you score for a number of points in a row and so on. For the specific rules, check out the site where you are playing so you know what you’re getting yourself into.


To anticipate which player will be collecting the most golf fantasy points, you have to know the player’s characteristics. Not just that, but also how well they perform on particular surfaces. That’s because each course in golf is different. So you need to anticipate how well your choice for the draft will perform on the given surface. Make sure you read yourself into their previous performance. And look up some statistics of their recent performance on a similar type of surface. That all taken into account, you should be able to secure a pretty solid draft!