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Baseball and more specifically the MLB is a professional baseball organization. There are two leagues, the National League (NL) and the American League which both have 15 teams each. Baseball revolves around a bat and a ball, it’s a sport that goes back to the mid-1800s consisting of several leagues. In 2000 those leagues merged into what we now know as the MLB.

The teams

Undoubtedly the most famous baseball team is the New York Yankees. Their caps and attire are worn by people worldwide, though most of them have no clue what the Yankees are. Aside from the Yankees, famous teams are the Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, and Los Angeles Dodgers. Baseball is more of a summer sport, so during the warmer months, this is the highlight to watch on TV but also in real life. Although sports betting is not fully legalized in all states, that will soon change. If you want to bet on baseball, you need to have a good understanding of how the sport works. For example, you need to identify the qualities of the players and read statistics.

Baseball sports betting

One of the most important things, in order to place a well-informed sports bet, is to look into stats. Many sportsbooks publish detailed records of results of previous matches, player performance, possible injuries and more things that could influence your bet. The MLB has 30 teams, so that means that when it’s the season you have new games to watch and bet on every day.


A few strategies to keep in mind when you’re going to bet on baseball are the following. First of all, know your pitchers and bullpens. Secondly, learn the home team/away records by heart. Actually, preferably watch all the previous games of the season. Last but not least, get a good idea of the quality of each team’s defense.

Moneyline bet

There are numerous types of bets you can place on baseball, but the most suitable one for this sport is the money line. When you place a money line bet, you choose between the favorite and the underdog. If you want to bet on the favorite you usually spent more. The sportsbook will show the odds for the match you’re about to bet on. The odds along with your own expertise should make up your decision of what to bet and on who. The money line terminology takes some time to understand, but it’s pretty simple. One of the teams, the underdog, is favored by a number of points. So, for the underdog, you’ll see a number and + sign. For the favorite, a minus sign.