Profound Exception

Bobby Orr, his to-go place was the Seguin River from twilight to dusk. Skating for hours until his feet were frozen and painful, or fishing in the summer. He practiced day in day out, “just give him the stick and a puck and let him go” Doug (father) mentioned.  With a special puck (layers of plywood with lead filling) his practiced his shots.  2 Bruins (Boston professional Hockey Team) scouts found him by chance and got starstruck right away. Bucko McDonald (coach) send him to defense where he became unstoppable, due to his speed and puckhandling. The Oshawa Generals was his pit stop, before the great leagues. 

Next phase for Bobby Orr

Boston was his next destination, during his rookie season you could hear people chanting in the stands “get them all off the ice, he’s making the team look bad”.  Artillery added to the team in the form of Phill Esposito, Ken Hodge and Fred Stanfield, helped to create a legacy. “He broke the mold because before the defensemen were big, slow guys. They just cleared the guys out and get the puck up. He changed the whole face of the game and how it´s played” Don Cherry (former coach) praised him.


1969-1970, the most important contribution season to the NHL. The NHL mentioned it during the 2017 season, marking the league century. He got 120 assists, 9 hattricks, and 139 points most by any defenseman in history. Winning the Art Ross (best scorer), Norris (best defensemen), Hart (most valuable player), Conn Smythe (best player in playoffs) and the icing on the cake; the Stanley Cup.  Member of the Canada Cup 1976 championship, that is regarded as the greatest team assembled according to experts. “Was better on one leg than anybody else in two” Darryl Sitter, said in regarding his multiple left knee problems. That ended up through his life in 19- 20 surgeries approximately.

Boston highlights

During his tenure in Boston, skating rinks were open and everyone wanted to be him. Sending the powerful Celtics team to the shadows. In a survey regarding the best Boston sportsman in History. He beat Cy Young, John Havlicek, Ted Williams or Bill Russell, by a staggering 61% on average!!!!  “Never lose your passion for the game. Be a good person. Don’t forget how you got here, it’s not a coincidence. “The better the kid is off the ice, the better he is on the ice,” says about his protégés (Connor McDavid!!!) as an agent,  Robert Gordon “Bobby” Orr.

bobby orr nhl player
NHL player Bobby Orr rocking it on the ice