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Golf is one of the most dynamic fantasy sports out there. Fantasy golf, unlike many other sports, you don’t need a comprehensive understanding of the rules. What you do need, however, is to know how to read statistics and apply that information to your strategy.

Below we give some tips and important information to take on in your next fantasy golf contest, whether that is a weekly or daily contest.

The cut

There are several things that make fantasy golf unique, one of them is ‘the cut’. In golf tournaments, more than half of the players are eliminated after 2 rounds. In the weekend, the high-profile matches take place with the players who made the cut. That makes playing fantasy golf tricky because your players could very well not make the cut.

Draft strategy

That makes golf by definition very different than playing fantasy NFL or NBA. That’s because when playing these leagues, your only worry is to accumulate as many points as possible. In golf, it’s about whether your players will make it beyond the cut. With 50% of the players being cleared out, there is a significant chance you won’t make it. Daily leagues in fantasy golf have the same challenge. That’s because you have to hand in your roster before Friday (cut-day). What does that mean for your draft strategy? That you have to go for the players with the most solid statistics.

Course and Strategy

There are various different golf tournaments, each of them has its own characteristics and particular surface. Just like in tennis, the surface where one player thrives is where the other fails. So what you need, first of all, is to incorporate that information into your strategy. When you play fantasy golf, you have access to a rich number of statistics on a player’s past performance. Look at their performance on a similar course and compare it with other players. If you have any experience with playing golf yourself, that information will come in handy. That’s because you know in what ways a surface can affect your performance.

Current form

Aside from looking at a golfers performance history on different surfaces, equally important their current form. Look at recent matches, how confident they were (or not) and use that information to predict how they will perform in their next match. So how do you judge in what shape the players are now? Look up their performance for the last 5-10 games, of which the recent ones are most relevant. Other helpful numbers are their cut history and performance in recent matches. There isn’t a number for this one, but overall confidence is a major predictor for how they will play next.


Statistics are important, but they are only useful if you know how to apply them. When you are creating your line-up, it can be of great help. Not only will you find out which golfers perform best on which course. You can also find more information if you’re willing to dig a little deeper. For example, which golfer is about to have a breakout. You can predict this by looking at their improvement. Stats will indicate how well they did in previous matches. So if you see a steadily increasing line, that might very well mean that they are an excellent pick for your next line-up.

Using stats for finding value

Finding value in fantasy golf is a bit like a scavenger hunt, it’s not as straightforward as in any other sport. In other sports, a player that costs a lot usually gives you great odds to win or collect lots of points. In golf, there are much more discrepancies. But the advantage of that is, you have a solid chance to find a star player at a decent price!