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ESPN is a great choice to play your favorite fantasy leagues because it’s such an all-round website. Here you find the best advice, drafts and expert advice.

ESPN app

People seem to be particularly fond of the ESPN app, which you can download on your Android or Apple device. ESPN is a good choice for beginning fantasy sports players. The app along with the site is very well laid out to cater for beginning players. There is an extensive advice section that covers topics like drafts, strategic league choices to participate in and other valuable information.

Expert information

Especially when you’re just starting out playing fantasy sports this type of information under one roof is particularly helpful. There is an overwhelming amount of information to take in when you first start playing. From the sport to take part in the type of contest. Do you go for daily fantasy football or participate in a season-long league? Aside from those basic decisions, you need to understand the different types of drafts and how to collect points. Those two things are of massive influence on how well you play the game so requires some research.

Free line-ups

ESPN offers a lot of free advice, but there are also articles which you only have access to when you subscribe. When paying $20 each month you get access to excellent line ups and advice you don’t get when you’re browsing the site for free. Some people argue that subscribing on a site like this is not worth it because of the sheer number of people that will use the same line-ups. However, many fans seem to enthusiastically make use of the line-ups and get success from it. Especially as a beginner when you’re still in the dark, there is a lot to learn from these line-ups that you can use for any future games. ESPN also has free line-ups available, along with many other sources to inspire your draft.

Football experts

Articles from names such as Zach Lowe and Matthew Berry are part of fans favorites. They provide great insight season after season which players to go with, which to avoid. They give a clear indication of what the stars of the new season will be, sometimes rather unexpected choices that surprisingly often turn out to be right.

Playing fantasy sports

Although variety wise the ESPN app isn’t as impressive as FanDuel or DraftKings, but it nevertheless is worth mentioning. Because of its excellent articles and advice, but also because of their interesting potential for growth. We don’t know if they will ever level the popularity of a DraftKings or FanDuel, but a company the size of ESPN definitely has the potential to. Especially with the US being in the process of legalizing sports betting in every state, that could be an interesting thing to see evolve.