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The how-to section on Pick6bet is dedicated to articles explaining basic concepts about fantasy sports. When you first start out playing, there are a lot of rules and information to take into account. From the different types of drafts and points systems, each fantasy sport comes with its own set of rules. Because you are spending money to play, it’s key that you understand the ins and outs and also the risks. The how-to section talks about bankroll management and how to sign up at a fantasy site like DraftKings or FanDuel. You’ll also find practical advice on things like how to make a mock draft and find value contests. We explain how to pay attention when you’re selecting a contest to get an accurate idea of what your chances of winning are. With so many ads around, you could say fantasy sports is a phenomenon, it’s tempting to think that winning at fantasy sports is peanuts. Even though you can definitely become good, that is only so if you put the time in to understand the concept and more particularly the sport and contest you are going to play.

Daily fantasy sports

Many people have played fantasy football in some form, usually the season-long one with family and friends. Fantasy sports, however, are much more than just football or season-long ones. Nowadays daily fantasy sports are the most popular. They give you the biggest chance to win and don’t require a season-long commitment. Moreover, in daily fantasy sports, you can afford to play several sports per day to try out a sport. There are many leagues that you can join which you can enter for just a few dollars. This is a great way to get experience and form a good idea which sport you might want to spend more time playing.

Value contests

In our how-to articles, you also find tips to what contests are the most attractive to play. Many beginning fantasy sports players are attracted by a big contest like the Super bowl. We talk about the chance of winning for contests and explain what the difference is. A GPP and a cash prize contest are examples, but knowing each characteristic helps to optimize your winning chances. Then there is also the skill of finding value contests, which is the ability to identify which contests offer the most value in terms of probability to win (and how much). Learning how to spot a value contest on fantasy sports sites definitely gets you a few steps ahead of the crowd.