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Player profiles are dedicated to exactly that: profiles about players from a variety of different leagues. The NFL, NHL, and MLB for example. But we’ll also discuss some golf and tennis players. Playing fantasy tennis is something very new, but it has quickly grown in popularity. The profiles here are both informative and fun. That’s because aside from current players, we’ll also include some players of the past. For the simple fact that they’re amazing and deserve a dedicated page! Want to read more? simply click on the dropdown bar under ‘player profiles’ above.

Fantasy sports profiles

From a more informative perspective, reading player profiles can be helpful to decide on your next draft. Topics like scoring stats, injuries, past performance and personal history are interesting predicting factors. We’ll update these profiles continually so you have the most accurate news. Many sports sites like ESPN or Yahoo also provide excellent information about players, but everyone has access to those. Therefore using smaller sites as a reference can be a big plus in building up an idea for your draft that is more original and well thought out than the mainstream.

Player predictions

Part of the profiles will also be the predictions for players and how they will perform this season. We assess this based on previous seasons, but also like to look into a set of personal circumstances. The nature of these predictions depends on the sport, but we commit to sharing only the most helpful stats.