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In the following, we provide fantasy golf tips to maximize your chance of winning. The first step to play fantasy golf is to draft a squad of golfers. You can participate in a golf tournament like the PGA, the most high profile of all. Based on your player’s performance in real life you will start to collect points. Although fantasy golf is fairly new, its popularity is growing steadily. That’s because fantasy golf isn’t just great for fun, as a player with solid expertise you have a great chance to win some extra money.

Fantasy golf tips for the draft

The draft plays an important part in fantasy golf success. Therefore fantasy sites like FanDuel or DraftKings offer players an opportunity to create mock drafts. It’s a great chance to not only practice your strategy but also to have a better idea of what your first, second and third choice of player would be. During the live draft, you won’t have a lot of time to think, so preparation needs to be done beforehand.

Salary cap

Each draft works with a salary cap. A salary cap is a maximum amount you, the owner of the team, has available to spend on buying players. That’s why the draft requires such skill and precision: you don’t have an unlimited budget available to buy all the best players. Also, keep in mind that a draft takes place in rounds. The position of choosing will be rotated, but sometimes that means your favorites might be gone.

Point counting in fantasy golf

To optimize your draft, you need to understand what gives points in fantasy golf. Based on that information, you can assess which players would be your best asset in achieving the highest number of points in particular categories. First of all, your golfers can score points per hole but they can also lose points per hole. It’s pretty straight forward, but within both the scoring and the losses, there are different conditions as well.

Alternative points

Additionally, there are a few bonuses and streaks that can offer extra points. For example, 3 birdies in a row. Unlike sports like baseball or hockey, fantasy golf is very easy to understand because the point system is so simple. However, don’t underestimate the importance of actually understanding the sport. It’s the expertise and applying of statistical information (that is accessible for everyone) in such a way that it correctly predicts which players perform best.

Fantasy contests

Another thing to keep in mind for fantasy golf tips is the type of contests. Fantasy sports sites offer a variety of different contest, which comes at different entry fees and prizes. An entry fee can be as little as a dollar to several hundred. It really depends on what you have to spare and how much you trust your skills.


Unlike with baseball, football or hockey, when playing fantasy golf you don’t have to draft to fill positions. That’s why fantasy golf is relatively easy, all you need to study is overall performance. What’s valuable to know is how well golf players perform on different courses and to check out PGA rankings. On FanDuel you can click on each player and find his past performance in fantasy points. This statistic is called FPPG, which stands for FanDuel Points per game.


The main part of the fantasy golf strategy is to have a few websites at hand that provide accurate and extensive statistical information about golf players. The experience will for sure teach you about your favorites, but for now, we can recommend the fantasy golf PGA tour site and Yahoo. They offer analysis, rankings in different categories and an easy overview to understand the player’s strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to strategy regarding your picks, for some contests it’s actually smart to not pick the ‘star’ players.