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New York already had some form of legalized sports betting in the Empire State since 2013. The New York Gaming Economic Development made this possible. Full state legalization, however, has only been achieved in July 2019. That’s fairly late considering the fact they already had quite a progressive approach to the topic. Its neighbor New Jersey, on the other hand, was the pioneer in sports betting and legalized it a full year earlier.

Online sports betting

Although sports betting is now legal, this doesn’t cover the topic of online sports betting. This has to be regulated separately which without a doubt will happen soon. New York doesn’t have a lot of local casinos, perhaps that’s why they were quite late with the follow-up regulation. There wasn’t the same economic interest as for example in New Jersey.


The first few casinos offering sports betting are located upstate, for example, the River Casino & Resort. It’s an exciting development for the business and its customers. The River is made up of 5000 square feet and is both a hotel and a casino. The sportsbook area has a large lounge, VIP area and a total of 14 gambling kiosks. As of now, New York has not legalized mobile betting. Unlike New jersey who went all in from the start. In New Jersey, you can now bet online on several sites, for example on FanDuel. A company is known for offering fantasy sports that recently expanded to sports betting.


New York’s gambling and sports betting business can expect some fierce competition coming from New Jersey. It turns out that more than 80% of the mobile bets placed in New Jersey are actually from New York residents. Therefore it would be good to point out that it would be in New York’s benefit to wrap their head around online betting. After all, sports betting is something that people enjoy doing more from their own online comfort than in-person. FanDuel sportsbook shared the information that a quarter of the accounts they have are people from New York. So what does that mean for the future of online sports betting in New York? That means that New York should level up as soon as they can!