Legal sports betting in Delaware became a fact in June 2018, making them one of the first states in the US. Actually, they made the legalization happen just before New Jersey. After the court decided in the New Jersey case that the federal rule of sports betting prohibition was no longer standing, Delaware moved quickly. So quickly in fact, that they put into place regulation ahead of New Jersey!

Supreme court case

How did the result of the Supreme court case affect sports betting? Essentially, the power of regulating sports betting was given back to states. This made them free to decide if they want to regulate sports betting at all, and if they do, what types of rules should be applied and how to tax it.

Delaware legalizes sports betting

Delaware pre-PASPA

Delaware was one of the few states that allowed sports betting to a small extent before the PASPA case. How did they do that, you wonder? It was through the state lottery. The federal government permitted them to offer expanded forms of betting, including on sports. Because they already had some connection with a legal form of sports betting, welcoming full legalization and its consequences was fairly simple. Or so does Vernon Kirk explain it, the director of the state lottery in Delaware. When asked how they handled the new legal situation after PASPA, he replied that all was needed to refresh existing technology for sports bets and re-train employees to be up to date with the new workings of things.

Casinos in Delaware

Delaware has 3 major casinos, which were, of course, the first to benefit from the legalization. The Delaware Park Casino, Dover Downs, and Harrington Raceway and Casino. The Delaware state lottery has a contract with Scientific Games. They’ve worked together since 2009 and Scientific Games provides and handles the technology that comes with managing a state lottery. They’ve had an important role in growing the lottery to the size it is right now. In a matter of years, the revenue has increased from $10 million to a staggering $46 million. Scientific Games is partnered with William Hill for the part that concerns sports wagering. That company was founded in the UK in 1934, which gives them an insane amount of experience when it comes to sports betting. It’s one of the oldest betting ventures worldwide and still dominates today.

Future of sports betting

So what does the future of sports betting in Delaware look like? The state doesn’t exactly offer a lot of casinos or venues, no more than 3 major ones. When you compare sports betting in Delaware to for example Pennsylvania and Virginia, it’s not big. But of course, that’s relative, because Delaware is a much smaller state. When we look at Delaware just how it affects them as a state, they were smart to regulate sports betting so immensely quick after the case was decided. The industry has shown growth and this new opening will surely bring about opportunities for people. In the bigger picture of sports betting in the United States, Delaware might not be major. However, one state more to regulate sports betting definitely matters for the whole!

Sports betting in Delaware – give me the cash!