Nevada legalized sports betting way before other states could even take it into consideration. It started with horse betting in 1949 and then expanded to casinos and sports betting. You might wonder, how come Nevada was the only state to allow sports betting in the United States? That’s because in 1992 the PASPA, which stands for Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, prohibited any other states from starting sports betting ventures. That essentially gave Nevada a monopoly on sports betting. It’s questionable how healthy that is in terms of customer protection and healthy competition in general.


It took a good 20 years for there to be any change on the horizon. That happened with the case of New Jersey and Chris Christie in which they challenged the sports betting ban. The Supreme court finally declared 6-3 that the sports betting ban was unconstitutional. Thus opening the way for sports betting legalization in the United States.

Changes for Nevada

We’re now well underway to have 7 states fully legalized sports betting. What does that mean for Nevada? Will it be able to maintain the same level of popularity with yearly visitors as it does now? I’d say, probably yes. Vegas has built up a reputation and atmosphere that goes way beyond betting alone. It’s the entirety of the experience that attracts visitors in mass. The restaurants, shows, special events and luxury hotels that make Vegas the tourist destination that it is. Perhaps further sports betting legalization will change Vegas in some ways. But nothing more than simple adaptations.

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Sports betting (NFL) screen in Nevada